Supporting Native Songbirds … one Nest Box at a time

for the birds

Nest Boxes … Commonly Known as Birdhouses

Made with Recycled Materials

These unique houses are Fully Functional Nest Boxes.
They are truly made for the birds.  
They are intended to offer our native songbirds more nesting opportunities
as many live trees and snags with natural cavities
continue to be lost to commercial and residential development.

The Nest Boxes are made with recycled materials including
Old Barn Boards  ...  Weathered Cedar Fence Pickets  ...  Wood Recycled from Shipping Crates 
Driftwood from Local Beaches  ...  and Treasures from the Wrack Line.

Each Box is Ventilated for Temperature Moderation,
has Drainage Ports on the bottom,  and has a
Built-in Door for Easy Annual Cleaning.